How Microsoft’s HoloLens May Change Everything For Industrial And Mechanical Designers


By integrating Microsoft’s ‘Mixed Reality’ system and Autodesk’s Fusion 360 Design Software, designers can see 3D holograms of their work. Soon, product designers will be able to get up close and personal with their creations while they’re still planning them. Rather than just look at digital models on their computer screens, they could walk around

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Honey Nut Cheerios Living Billboard Filled With Bees


The cereal brand built a three-story structure that spells out “Made with Real Honey” using working hives. Honey Nut Cheerios is celebrating its real honey ingredient with a living billboard home to more than 100,000 honeybees. The three-story free-standing structure features the words “Made with Real Honey,” spelled out using the honey produced from working

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New London Tube Map Shows How Long It Takes to Walk, Not Ride a Train


Transport for London has released another alternative version of the Tube map—and it’s actually really useful. The London transport manager has created a ‘Walk the Tube’ map, which shows how long it takes to totter between stations. The full-sized version is here. It shows that people who catch the Tube from Covent Garden to Leicester

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This Man Made a Movie by Interviewing Himself 38 Years in the Future


Back in 1977, when Peter “Stoney” Emshwiller was 18 years old, he sat in front of a camera and began lobbing questions to an invisible future self, recording what could be called one side of a time-travel talk show. Now, 38 years later, Emshwiller has decided to finally sit down and answer those questions, and

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Hong Kong’s High Rises Are Best Seen From the Ground


Some 7.2 million people live in Hong Kong, a region that covers 426 square miles. Cramming that many people into so small an area requires building up. And up. And up. Peter Stewart’s series Stacked provides a dizzying view of the high-rises most Hongkongers call home. Hong Kong is renowned for its deep harbor and amazing skyline, which

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