Hotel Menu Lets You Emoji Your Way to a Phone Charger or Hangover Cure


Aloft Hotels has rolled out Text it, Get it—room service at the speed of emoticons. Aloft Hotels have started their newest service Text it, Get it (TiGi for short), which allows customers to use emojis to order room service. In-room menus now feature six specific packages, each with a specific string of emojis attached. A

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Enter The Ornate World Of Russia’s Underground Stations


David Burdeny is the only professional photographer permitted to document the Moscow Metro Stations. A far cry from the dingy, rat-infested subway stations of New York City, the ornate stations along the Moscow Metro look more like the inside of opera houses or museums than train stops. Designed during the 1930s by some of Russia’s

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This Tea Making Robot Will Personalize Your Brew


A Toronto-based company has developed a fun and customizable way of ordering tea. The teaBOT is a robotic kiosk that makes you a personalised cup of tea. When talking about how they started… “The inspiration for speed and convenience came from watching customers walk away from long lines at our co-founder’s family tea store. The

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How Moo Is Redesigning Business Cards For The Digital Age


Moo’s Business Card+ is embedded with an NFC chip so you can share your contacts or portfolio by simply tapping a smartphone. In the age of smartphones and social media, the process of handing out a physical card with your name and information on it can seem remarkably antiquated. Yet the appeal of the business

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How Mercedes-Benz is revolutionising its design process


Last month, Mercedes-Benz and The Foundry unveiled Mercedes’ next-generation customer interface concept, which was shown in the recently launched show car Concept IAA (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile). The solution, code named “Project Dash,” for the first time connects a true UI/UX designer’s tool directly to the in-car experience. What the designer works with in the creative

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