3D-printed Robotic Hand Wins 2015 UK James Dyson Award


A 3D-printed bionic hand designed by prosthetics startup Open Bionics is the recipient of the 2015 UK James Dyson Award for design engineering innovation. The Open Bionics hand is designed to be cheaper and faster to produce than many of the prosthetics currently available for amputees, which can cost between £3,000 and £60,000. Taking just 40

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How Pantone Became The Definitive Language Of Color


Pantone is more than a colour language for designers – it’s grown into a global design force. But is that good? A few minutes into the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy opens her eyes and surveys the Technicolor world around her. Dorothy follows the Yellow Brick Road, she arrives at the Emerald City, and she clicks

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7 Examples Of Interesting Student Housing From Around The World


Eye-catching examples of university accommodation that prove communal living doesn’t have to be so sterile.

Construction Of The New Apple Campus, Captured By Drone


Overlapped with commentary by the late Steve Jobs, a new video update by drone pilot Duncan Sinfield has captured Apple Campus 2 taking shape. According to the report on MacRumors, work is still being done on the main building’s multi-level underground parking structure, while the west campus parking structure is nearly complete. The auditorium now has interior walls and

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Airport sensor system tracks mobile phones to provide accurate wait times


At JFK airport, the BlipTrack Indoor Sensor system uses beacons and passengers’ phones to determine very accurate waiting times. Choosing the right queue in a bustling environment such as an airport currently requires a combination of tactical thinking and pure luck. Unless that queue is in JFK’s Terminal 4, where Blip System’s BlipTrack has recently

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