Let A Famous Architect Teach You How To Build The Perfect Sandcastle


In an article for The Guardian, Renzo Piano details his 4 step process to building the perfect sandcastle – My career started when I was a child and I built my first sandcastle on the beach in Genoa, where I grew up. Making things has always been a pleasure for me – happy hands, happy

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Explore the TWA Terminal, a Pristine Time Capsule from 1962


Right now, a team of digital scanning whizzes is back in their Florida lab, making a digital 3D model of the TWA Flight Center. Last week, while the staff and their equipment were hard at work recording every curve, bend, window, and facade of Eero Saarinen’s 1962 terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport, photographer Max Touhey was granted access. That much

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Chinese ATM Treats Your Face as a Password


Tzekwan Technology teams up with Tsinghua University to produce a facial recognition ATM. As biometrics are beginning to overthrow traditional PIN and character-based passwords, the financial industry has been making herculean efforts to keep up-to-date with these fresh technologies so as to safeguard consumers from theft and fraudulent activities. Among these monetarily centered companies is

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How Ideo Redesigned Mondays To Be Less Awful


Your bad Monday actually starts on Sunday. Hours before your alarm jolts you awake, your mind is already stockpiling anxieties about the week ahead. The commute, the meetings, the hours in front of a computer. Then Monday happens and guess what: It’s not nearly as painful as you thought it was going to be. “Monday

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When Our Homes Become Connected, Designers Will Save Us


Chips, radios and sensors are getting cheaper. Computation and connectivity are creeping into the world. Soon, we’re told, more things in our homes will chirp at us, chat with other things, and quietly send information back to the companies that made them. Inevitable though this future may be, the details remain foggy. We can assume

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