Ikea Launches Furniture That Wirelessly Charges Smartphones And Tablets


Swedish furniture giant Ikea has incorporated induction-charging stations into products from its latest collection, which will allow users to wirelessly charge their smartphones. Lamps, bedside tables and desks in Ikea‘s new collection each have an integrated pad that can charge portable electronic devices simply by placing them on top. “Through research and home visits, we know that people hate cable mess,”

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Top 25 British Designs Revealed


The iconic red phone box is voted nation’s favourite   In 1924, Sir Giles Gilbert Scott designed a functional red phone box. Little did he know that almost a century later, it would be voted the greatest British design of all time. Almost 40 per cent of British adults who took part in a poll

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Google Opens Its First Branded Retail Store


Google has long been rumored to be entering the physical retail space, emulating a number of other online companies’ efforts to bridge the physical and digital divide. Now it’s finally happening with the launch of the first Google-branded store in London. However, the store isn’t a standalone affair that will sit alongside Harrods or Selfridges —

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Air France Launches The Upgrade Challenge Social Game


Every passenger hopes for the opportunity to get a free upgrade to the business class when flying. To help raise awareness of the launch of Air France’s new business class cabins in Asia, Fred & Farid Shanghai created a social game in which travelers could compete for a chance to win a free upgrade to

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Brooklyn’s First Self-Sustained House Condo Building


Ultra energy-efficient apartment building is the first for the New York borough.   R-951 is the latest residence in Brooklyn to boast Passive House credentials. Unlike the Brooklyn Passive House, which gutted an old masonry building and gave it new life, R-951 is a new building designed entirely based on Passive House standards, producing all the energy it

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