You May Soon Be Able To Design Nike Sneakers Using Virtual Reality


When it comes to shoe designers, Nike seems to be at the forefront of merging fashionable footwear with cutting-edge technology. Remember when we told you about Nike’s plans to release those awesome self-lacing shoes from “Back To The Future”? Well, Nike is back at it, and this time the company is looking to tap into some futuristic

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5 Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Tiny Housing


This edition of our Monday Muse explores the future of micro-housing. The American dream of a household with 2.5 children, a dog, and a two-car garage is no longer the norm: people are staying single longer, having children later, and opting out of living in the suburbs in favor of moving downtown, as researchers have

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Paint: A Short Lego Film


In this week’s Monday Muse, artist John Rolf recreates a famous painting via Lego and stop-motion video: Mondrian was a good choice—trying to “paint” curved lines or shading with Lego would have required much more time and effort. This isn’t artist John Rolf‘s first Lego animation—he has several others on his YouTube page — and many artists have used Lego

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Welcome to Designworks’ Monday Muse. Every week we’ll aim to bring you something from our world that hopefully you’ll find insightful and want to share. Last week we stumbled across this new site ‘FindARoom‘ designed for the University of South Wales, via Creative Review: Locating a specific room at the University of South Wales (USW)

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