Store Brings A Polar Wonderland Brought To Life With Augmented Reality


Galeries Lafayette in Paris used a holiday display to shed light on the issue of climate change. Galeries Lafayette is a high-end French department store with its flagship store on Boulevard Haussmann in the ninth arrondissement of Paris. This holiday season, to boost foot traffic and raise awareness of an environmental cause, the store has

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Dyson launches university to tackle engineering skills gap


Through the Institute James Dyson will invest £15 million over the next five years to tackle the dearth of skilled engineers in the UK. James Dyson is set to launch a university to bridge the UK’s engineering skills gap, offering aspiring engineers an alternative to a traditional university degree. The Dyson Institute of Technology will

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What happened when a bike company started putting TVs on the sides of its delivery packages


Delivery damages have reduced by 70 to 80 per cent since VanMoof started masking them as flatscreen televisions. A cycling company that was seeing a high number of its bikes getting damaged during deliveries has seemingly solved the problem by making a simple change: printing a flatscreen television screen on the boxes. By masking its bikes as TVs, VanMoof, a Dutch manufacturer that exports bikes

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Productivity Expert: The Magic Of The Five-Hour Workday


Stephan Aarstol, Founder of Tower Paddle Boards, explains why the modern notion of office hours needs to evolve. In the early 1900s, it was common for factory workers to work 10-16 hour days six days a week. The industrial revolution brought about massive gains in productivity, but it also raised the pace of work to

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French Start Up Designed Urban Wind Trees With Leaf Shaped Mini Turbines


A French start up called NewWind Energy Solutions, has made a design for silent wind trees that have been installed at the United Nation’s Conference on Climate Change (referred to as COP21). The trees, outside of the Climate Generation zone, are made of 72 leaf-shaped mini-turbines in the form of a tree. The leaves use tiny blades inside the leaves to

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