Why Building Better Offices Is The Key To Employee Engagement


Interaction Designer and Audio-visual Technologist at ESI Design illustrates the value in creating environments filled with surprise and delight. Research shows that educated millennial professionals are moving into more densely populated urban environments both for work opportunities and for quality of life. The energy of cities inherently drives innovation. A recent New York Times article

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Hungry startup uses robots to grab slice of pizza


Did robots help make your pizza? If you ordered it from Silicon Valley’s Zume Pizza, the answer is yes. The startup, which began delivery in April, is using intelligent machines to grab a slice of the multibillion-dollar pizza delivery market. Zume is one of a growing number of food-tech firms seeking to disrupt the restaurant

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Pizza Hut Releases The World’s First Playable DJ Pizza Box


Using clever marketing, Pizza Hut has collaborated with printed electronics expert Novalia to release a limited edition playable DJ pizza box. The battery-powered box connects via bluetooth to your computer or smartphone and is compatible with DJ software such as Serato DJ. The company will be giving a small number of it away at only

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Artists bring colour to Aberdeen’s abandoned doorways


The Painted Doors project aims to inject colour into forgotten doorways in Aberdeen. As Shelagh Swanson carefully painted delicate strokes across a doorway, passers by would stop to ask if she had permission. Bringing a splash to colour to the gloomy door on Windmill Brae in Aberdeen, the artist was inspired by a painting called

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Amazon launches virtual Pimp my Ride-style hub to let you design your dream car


Amazon Vehicles also shows reviews but stops short of letting you buy your designs Amazon has launched a forum for petrolheads to discuss, research and design their dream car. Called Amazon Vehicles, it lets you view almost any car, from vintage Mustangs to new Teslas, and alter its engine and colour, for example, to make

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