Aberdeen Toastie Shop First In Scotland To Use App Aiming To Cut Food Waste At End Of Day’s Trading


A grilled cheese sandwich shop in Aberdeen has become the first business in Scotland to join an innovative new food waste reduction programme.

Despite numerous attempts to make the most of her excess stock in the past, Melt owner Mechelle Clark admits food waste is a big issue for her business with around 20% of the bread she gets delivered daily ending up in the bin.

Now she is the first in the country to sign up to a new app called Too Good to Go which allows cafes, restaurants and takeaways to advertise their leftover meals at the end of each day and sell them at a discounted price.

Users of the app select what they want, pay for it and collect their meal — served in a biodegradable sugarcane box — at a designated time, usually just before closing.

The restaurant takes a cut, and the rest goes towards the app and its development.

Mechelle, who has tried numerous ways to shift her leftovers before, says she is excited to be the first Scottish business to sign up to this new no-waste approach.

She said: “We get bread delivered daily, but the bread ends are too small to use for toasties.

“So instead I’ve tried to sell it in separate bags, made it into croutons, or breadcrumbs, I’ve even spoken to local charities to see if they can use it in food parcels.

“But because it’s not properly packaged and labelled, people won’t take it.”

From 11/01/17, customers who download the Too Good to Waste app will be able to purchase discounted food from Melt after 3.30pm.

Mechelle said: “We’ll have things available like soup, bread, brownies, baked beans, it will vary.

“I’d imagine we’ll probably have toasties at the weekend.

“Hopefully this works, because I hate food waste. If it does work it would be good to see other businesses sign up too.”

Launched in June 2016, Too Good To Go was created in response to the 210,000 tonnes of food thrown away annually by UK restaurants.

Via Evening Express.