Beautiful skyscraper concepts that could power themselves


It is important and useful to build things that are self-sufficient and sustainable in the modern age. Thus, architects and building designers are concentrating on coming up with such skyscrapers that are self-powered. Check out here some cool skyscraper design concepts that have self-sufficiency.

Burj Al-Taqa


It is a marvelous tower in Dubai that uses solar and wind power for complete self-sufficiency. The tower has been designed by the German firm, Gerber Architekten. While it is still a concept, Burj Al-Taqa will have wind towers, as well as sources of natural ventilation. It will be equipped to convert hot wind into cool air. The tower will generate energy using a wind turbine having PV cells. This structure will be installed on the top of the tower. This structure will be provided six hanging gardens too.

Dynamic Tower


This is another amazing concept in Dubai by an Italian architect, David Fischer. This self-powered skyscraper will be the first one on Earth to have rotating ability. Each of its floors will be able to display motion and generate energy using installed wind turbines. The building will be constructed using prefabricated materials to reduce costs and labor.

Gesterbine skyscraper


This self-powered skyscraper concept has been designed for Greater Poland where rain is a problem. Thus, this building will have water and wind turbines for energy generation. While wind energy will power its homes and nearby offices, the turbines will power water pumps at night in order to carry water from a river to the land.

Dragonfly-inspired sustainable ecosystem


The architects of Vincent Callebaut have proposed this concept for New York. This huge building will carry around 28 agricultural farms and dairy facilities. Inspired by the wings of dragonfly, this ecosystem will accommodate houses, offices, and labs. Its vegetation will offer cool air during the summer season. On the other hand, it will generate solar energy during the winter season.

Eco Skyscraper


Designed by Vikas Pawar for Noida, India, this concept skyscraper will be able to provide clean food, water and energy to its residents. It beautiful spiral elements will have vertical farms and a hydroponics system to convert humid air into water. It will be equipped to generate solar and wind power. The building rooftop will be equipped to grow food.

Around the world, there are efforts going on to create such buildings that are self-powered and self-sufficient. Many such concept designs seem quite feasible for near future.

Text and images via Ecofriend.