Brooklyn’s First Self-Sustained House Condo Building


Ultra energy-efficient apartment building is the first for the New York borough.


R-951 is the latest residence in Brooklyn to boast Passive House credentials. Unlike the Brooklyn Passive House, which gutted an old masonry building and gave it new life, R-951 is a new building designed entirely based on Passive House standards, producing all the energy it consumes.

‘[A] Passive House is an energy model which requires ultra-low energy use and mandates a strict maximum [units] of energy,’ explains architect on the project Paul Castrucci. ‘A Passive House building is primarily heated by solar gains and internal gain from people and equipment. Through use of this model we are able to economically create a super-insulated building envelope in the most efficient way possible to reduce its energy loss.’

Put simply, the three apartment (plus penthouse) building was built so that the inhabitants would not have to rely on any external energy sources. The rooftop solar panels provide each apartment with 4 kW of grid-tied electricity, which gives them enough power for al their heating, cooling and appliances.

Alongside the solar panel system, the building has triple glazed windows that efficiently keep both hot and cool air in, depending on the season. It is wrapped in a breathable membrane which creates an ‘airtight structure’, according to the press release. This, combined with an energy recovery ventilation system, keeps the air quality at a high level. The building also has a rainwater collecting system that creates self-watering gardens.

The net-zero energy Prospect Park apartments are worth between $1.4 and $1.5 million, and are currently on the market, listed on Corcoran.

R-951 Residence

Text via psfk

Image via Corcoran