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Last week we stumbled across this new site ‘FindARoom‘ designed for the University of South Wales, via Creative Review:

Locating a specific room at the University of South Wales (USW) is challenging. Students can frequently be found lost and bewildered, wandering corridors in the vain hope of alighting upon their intended destination. Staff, new and old, struggle too, missing meetings or turning up late – frustrated, flustered and flummoxed. Wayfinding in a large, multi-site, geographically disparate institution has inherent challenges. When the geography is combined with the challenges posed by topography (campuses on steep hills), toponymy (multiple room naming conventions) and architecture, finding rooms becomes difficult.*

To alleviate this problem USW developed FindARoom, web-based, place-showing system that delivers an elegant, visual solution: by providing users with detailed floor-plans, building illustrations and campus maps, FindARoom helps users to locate the room they’re looking for.

This is a great example of UX done right – a responsive web solution that will help both students and staff at the University of South Wales.