Sustainability and provenance have become trending words in the food industry lately. But the two terms are more than just buzz words, they’re in many ways the future of food, signalling a change from mass production (unsustainable and damaging to the environment) to a more localised type of industry.

One new restaurant flying the flag for sustainable produce is The Craft & Co. Local, transparent and sustainable produce is at the heart of Melbourne’s latest food venture. Covering a double-storey warehouse, the restaurant creates all products in house.

The Craft & Co. bakes its own bread, roasts its own coffee, makes its own cheese and charcuterie, and brews its own beer, vodka, gin, grappa and cognac.

It’s all very ambitious but the restaurant’s owner, Paul Baggio, wants the space to foster creativity and new ideas with specialists manning each aspect of the food and drink production. For those that visit the space, The Craft & Co. will educate and inspire on the need for sustainable products in an industry that desperately needs it.

Via Protein.

The Craft & Co.