How Mercedes-Benz is revolutionising its design process


Last month, Mercedes-Benz and The Foundry unveiled Mercedes’ next-generation customer interface concept, which was shown in the recently launched show car Concept IAA (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile).

The solution, code named “Project Dash,” for the first time connects a true UI/UX designer’s tool directly to the in-car experience. What the designer works with in the creative process in the design studio is identical to what the customer ends up experiencing. In addition to this seamless delivery in real-time, the solution frees engineering teams to focus on performance and accessibility.

Project Dash is a collaborative effort between The Foundry and Mercedes’ design and engineering teams. The Foundry, which develops creative software for VFX, games and design artists, has a long history of partnering with companies to develop elegant solutions for complex digital visualization challenges. Being present in the Silicon Valley, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development identified this state of the art digital technology and initiated a partnership with The Foundry. Project Dash leverages The Foundry’s proven content creation and visualization knowledge and applies it to address Mercedes’ specific design challenge – to achieve high-quality, real-time renderings in their in-vehicle UI/UX.

Also, Project Dash addresses universal design challenges. First, it ensures the realization of design intent by removing technology barriers. Second, it substantially reduces the time and cost associated with design iteration. Third, as the IoT grows, it allows companies to continually enhance and seamlessly deliver the highest quality UI/UX design to consumers. As a result, Project Dash elevates both the way in which UI/UX design happens, as well as the speed with which companies can respond to consumer needs.

Mercedes-Benz unveiled this new UX/UI design collaboration with The Foundry at the 20th Anniversary of Mercedes-Benz Research and Development Center in Sunnyvale, CA. For more information on Project Dash, please click here.

Text and image via The Foundry.