Refresh Your Professional Mindset With an Entrepreneurial Escape


PSFK’s Nomad Class Debrief spotlights three productivity-centered trips designed to inspire a healthy work/life balance.

The Nomad Class Debrief, a new report from PSFK Labs, examines the needs, behaviors and emerging trends of untethered careerists:

For many professionals, work-life separation is no longer a viable strategy for career advancement: employees report interacting with work, whether in person or on via mobile devices, for 13.5 hours a day. Forty-eight percent of executives feel compelled torespond to work-related emails during nights and weekends, times traditionally devoted to recharging activities such as traveling, extracurricular learning, family bonding or exercise. As a result, the connected workforce is more likely to suffer from burnout and creative stagnation.

In response, a new class of professionals are embarking on productivity-centered journeys that help them to experience new locations, cultures and perspectives as they continue working.

In a trend called Entrepreneurial Escapes, PSFK Labs highlights larger brands and emerging startups that are winning over nomadic consumers by organizing productivity-centered journeys that help them see the world. Business who provide employees with the freedom and resources to travel to new locations during work can inspire refreshed perspectives around problem solving.

Hacker Paradise

Hacker Paradise is a travel startup that coordinates coworking trips for freelancers who can work from anywhere. In its first year, Hacker Paradise had over 130 participants who worked from places like Spain, Japan and Costa Rica. Travelers set group goals and learn how they can work together.

Remote Year

Remote Year is a program that brings 75 professionals from around the world together to work, travel, and explore in a new city every month for 12 months. Workers pay $27,000 for travel to all destinations, as well as accommodations throughout the year, a common workspace, and events. Participants are responsible for securing their own work, whether full-time or freelance while abroad.

Surf Office

Surf Office offers people in Lisbon, Portugal and Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands a space to live and work among similar professionals while taking in a bit of paradise. For 65€/day, residents have access to a single room, kitchen, coworking space, reliable Internet, and community events. Surf Office provides the opportunity to enjoy the Iberian sun while staying productive and partaking in the creative nomadic community.

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