Spin a Globe and Travel With a Drone’s Eye View


Emirates airline inspired wannabe adventurers through a new short film series called “View from Above.” The airline partnered with Boeing to create the films, which were shot using drones and feature sites ranging from Japan to Rio de Janeiro.

Visitors to the “View from Above” website can spin a virtual globe to choose a film to watch, spanning 18 potential vacation destinations on five different continents — including Dubai, where Emirates is based, and Seattle, where Boeing’s headquarters is stationed. Emirates has described the View from Above project as one of the largest that has ever been undertaken using drones.

Using drones to film the projects not only allows for breathtaking overhead views of city skylines and ocean horizons, but also enables the team behind the videos to film locations that would have been difficult to reach via helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft.

That includes filming among cherry blossom trees in Japan and over mountain crevices in Norway, as well as floating above Rio de Janeiro’s Maracanã Stadium, according to Emirates. More than 13 drone pilots around the world worked on the project, and the films were produced and directed by British-based MOFILM.

The project certainly inspires wanderlust, and it helps cement an impression of the airline as a global powerhouse — particularly appropriate considering the impending debut of Emirates’ Dubai to Panama route, the world’s longest nonstop flight at more than 17 hours, set to begin in March.

View from Above

Via psfk.