The Swiss Chalet, Radically Reimagined


The classic chalet gets a modern update in Canada, with marvelous views and space for all your wet ski clothes.

The Hadaway House in Whistler, Canada, is enough to make even the most dedicated ski bum consider skipping the slopes to stay inside. The almost 5,000-square-foot timber-clad chalet designed by Vancouver-based Patkau Architects is wedged in a steep stretch of land between two boulders overlooking the British Columbian ski resort.

The design is visually stunning—all violent angles and prism-like windows—but at its heart, pragmatic. The private residence’s angled slab shape allows the accumulated snow to slide off the structure. Inside, the main level of the house—including a living room, dining space, and kitchen—opens up to expansive views of the valley. Pointed, geometric windows bring in plenty of natural light. The lower floor is home to guest bedrooms and a space for storing wet ski clothes and laundry that connects directly to the garage. Though with a house this pretty, why go out at all?

Text via Fast Company Design

Image via Patkau Architects