This Tiny Italian Village Was Transformed Into A Real World Internet


Italian street artist Biancoshock has brought the internet into real life for a project called Web 0.0.

It illustrates the divide between past and present to make a statement about the modern reliance on technology through the lens of Civitacampomarano, Italy, a tiny town with just 400 inhabitants and little access to the internet or cell phone reception.

Even without the internet, people are able to make connections with one another and share culture, traditions and information, Biancoshock points out through his digital-to-real world analogies, by displaying the vibrantly colored, familiar logos of popular apps on the town’s streets and corners.

Gmail is equated to an old-fashioned mailbox, while the town’s bulletin board is labeled Facebook, for example, and Twitter’s tweets are compared to a short conversation at a bus stop, while a telephone booth sports the What’s App logo.

Biancoshock’s Web 0.0

Via psfk.