Turning coffee grounds into clean energy is a stroke of genius


Apparently, caffeine can not only power you in the morning, it could also power your BBQ.

UK-based bio-bean is the first clean technology company in the world to industrialise the process of turning used coffee grounds into sustainable biofuels.

Founder and then-architecture student Arthur Kay was designing a café when the idea hit him: why not use the discarded grounds as an energy source?

Since then, he’s put up a recycling factory, which processes 50,000 tonnes of grounds a year. That’s the equivalent of one in ten cups of joe consumed in the UK!

“bio-bean collects waste coffee grounds from instant coffee factories, coffee shops, office blocks and transport hubs all over the UK,” the company said. “We supply these biofuels back to producers of the waste coffee grounds, creating a truly circular economy.”

Recently, they released their newest product, Coffee Logs, which you can use to warm you or fire up the BBQ grill. Just imagine: lamb that smells like a long black. OMG.

The project has already crowdfunded more than £56,000, easily surpassing its £20K funding goal. You can help support bio-bean by heading over here.

Via Lost At E Minor.