What Would A World Entirely Powered By Augmented Reality Look Like?


With AR headsets sales on rise, a filmmaker explores how they will influence our reality.

Hyper-Reality,” a six-minute short by Keiichi Matsuda, a London-based filmmaker and designer, explores how new technologies, most notably VR, augmented reality, wearables and IoT could change the way we interact with the physical space around us. Hologram-like projections are glued onto the physical spaces, obscuring the underlying world and making it oftentimes unrecognizable. Ads, to-do lists, pop-up avatars, directions and other notifications create a sense of over stimulation that is disturbingly familiar and yet comfortably distant.

Shot from the POV of a middle-aged Juliana, “Hyper-Reality” is also a meditation on the impact of gamification on our lives. The urge to collect points, either for completing her tasks or making specific purchases, dictates Juliana’s behavior and finally causes an unexpected turn of events.

“Hyper-Reality” is the first in the series of three shorts that were funded on Kickstarter back in 2013.

Via psfk.