You can now sketch in a notebook and have it digitized instantly


Moleskine have just launched a new writing set that allows you to draw or take notes using a smart pen, in their specially designed notebook, that then works with an app to instantly digitize it for you.

The Smart Writing Set includes a notebook they call the Paper Tablet, the Pen+, and the Moleskine Notes App. The Pen+ is a slim aluminum pen, but it has a hidden camera in it, that digitizes everything you draw or write. The Moleskine Notes App, is basically where everything is stored, which can then be edited, shared, exported or searched. Here’s the technical explanation from Moleskine. “The paper is made with Ncode technology patented by NeoLAB Convergence, a grid invisible to the naked eye is hidden in the paper and enables the pen, powered by Neo smartpen, to recognize where it is on the page and within the notebook.”

Via The Contemporist.